Model 19 Teletype

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(Click here to see a clip of this machine running.

This is my first Teletype machine. It appears to have been a US Navy unit and never used.  I have it running on a computer program called Heavymetal which allows the teletype to connect to the internet and print FTP files and also actually browse the web.  In addition I used NetCon software along with the Windows Task Scheduler to have weather reports automatically print out.  I use a serial interface to convert RS-232 to the 60MA loop signals the teletype needs.  Special thanks to Paul Wills, Bill Buzbee and Gil Smith and the other fine members of Green Keys who were most helpful to me in getting the system up and running.  Click here to see more pictures of this Model 19.

Model 15 Teletype

This is a Model 15KSR (Keyboard-Send-Receive).   I recently aquired this machine from an antique dealer.  It was in rather bad shape when I got it since some mice used it as their home, but with a little cleaning up and lots of lubrication I was able to get it running fairly well.  I thought it was nice to be able to get a genuine Teletype wooden table with it.   I have since completely dissasembled, cleaned and reassembled the typing unit.  I still want to clean up the rest of it and repaint the cover with the black crinkle finish.  I found that stuff at the local Pep Boys but it is a pain to use.  I also am trying to find out what to finish the table in to make it original.  I will be adding detailed pictures of the typing unit all tore apart and through various states of assembly.  What a marvelous work of engineering. Click here to see the gallery of photos taken while the machine was apart.

Model 28 Teletype

(Click here to see a clip of this machine running.

Model 28ASR (Automatic Send-Receive). This machine was set up to print 100 words per minute which is quite a difference compared to the Model 15 and Model 19 machines which print at only 60 words per minute.  I since re-geared it back to 60 WPM so I could put it in the same loop with the Model 15 and Model 19 machines.  There is a date of 1963 stamped on the typing unit so I suppose it may have been built then. The machine is in really nice condition and works perfectly.

Model 14 Typing Reperforator

This is my latest aquisition & restoration project. A Model 14 Typing Reperforator.  Many thanks to Jack Hart for the help on this.  Click on the photo to see more of the Model 14.

Last Updated on May 3, 2011