MODEL 15         

This is what a Model 15 looks like when it is taken apart. When I got this machine I just wasnt happy with how dirty it was so I decided to take it apart and clean it up.  I broke the machine down as far as I could including disassembly of the main shaft and selector mechanism. I used laquer thinner to get the old grease and grime off the main frame and other large parts. I also used my ultrasonic cleaner to clean a lot of the little parts, it does a great job. I was lucky enough to get it back together and it works great. I want to refinish the table and repaint the cover with teletype black wrinkle paint.

m15/base.jpg m15/base_bot.jpg m15/keys.jpg m15/M1522w.jpg m15/assy1.jpg m15/M159w.jpg
m15/M1516w.jpg m15/M1512w.jpg m15/M1510w.jpg m15/M1511w.jpg m15/M1513w.jpg m15/M1517w.jpg
m15/M1514w.jpg m15/M156w.jpg m15/M157w.jpg m15/M158w.jpg m15/M1518w.jpg m15/M1519w.jpg
m15/M1520w.jpg m15/M1521w.jpg m15/M15BTRw.jpg m15/M15BTw.jpg m15/M15BTLw.jpg m15/M15selfsw.jpg
m15/xmtr1w.jpg m15/xmtrw.jpg m15/M15sword1w.jpg m15/M15swordw.jpg m15/sawbar.jpg m15/m15/sawteeth.jpg

Last Updated on September 25, 2002